Ben Markovits, ‘Writing Byron’

Romantic Research Seminar, Monday, 10 November
5.30 pm in the Turl Yard lecture hall, Lincoln College.

Ben Markovits, ‘Writing Byron’

Novelist Ben Markovits will talk about reading Byron, writing Byron and how the writing has affected his reading.  Imposture, the first of his trilogy of novels based on aspects of Byron’s life was published by Faber in 2007, and followed by A Quiet Adjustment in 2008 and Childish Loves in 2011. Markovits has attracted high praise from literary reviewers: the first of the Byron trilogy was described in the TLS as ‘a haunting, graceful and intelligent novel’.  More recently, Kirsty Gunn  compared the prose to poetry, with the power to ‘leave us disarmed and bewildered and moved and changed’.

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