Besterman Enlightenment Workshop

The TORCH/Besterman Enlightenment Programme aims to co-ordinate and foster research that builds on the University of Oxford’s extraordinarily rich resources for the study of the Enlightenment. For their full series of events, please follow the above link.

Besterman Enlightenment Workshop - Hilary Term 2017

Voltaire Foundation (99 Banbury Road), Mondays, 5 p.m.

 Sponsored by the TORCH Enlightenment Programme/Besterman Centre for the Enlightenment

Convenors: Laurence Brockliss, Nicholas Cronk, Kelsey Rubin-Detlev

16 January (First Week)

Ruggero Sciuto (University of Oxford), ‘Diderot and d’Holbach on Causal Necessitation’

23 January (Second Week)

Vittoria Feola (Università degli Studi di Padova), ‘Prince Eugene of Savoy and the Radical Enlightenment: A Reappraisal’

30 January (Third Week)

Peter Jones (University of Birmingham), ‘Agricultural Enlightenment: the Knowledge-Based Approach to Growth in the Rural Economy, c. 1750-1840’

6 February (Fourth Week)

Paul Monod (Middlebury College), ‘Voltaire and the Jacobites, 1722-1733’

13 February (Fifth Week)

Ritchie Robertson (University of Oxford), Discussion of Isaiah Berlin and the Enlightenment, ed. by Laurence Brockliss and Ritchie Robertson (OUP, 2016)

20 February (Sixth Week)

Kate Marsh (University of Liverpool), ‘Enlightenment from India? France, India and Global Exchanges, c. 1721-99’

27 February (Seventh Week)

Andrew Kahn (University of Oxford), ‘The Enlightenment Radicalism of Alexander Radishchev’

6 March (Eighth Week)

Laurence Brockliss (University of Oxford), ‘The Lure of Paris: The Republic of Letters and Eighteenth-Century Speed-Dating’