Graduate Seminar in History, 1680-1850

Michaelmas Term 2019

The seminar will meet weekly, on Tuesdays at 4.15 p.m., in the Beckington Room, Lincoln College (ask at the college lodge for directions). Tea and coffee will be served from 4.00pm. All research students working in this period are encouraged to attend; anyone else interested is also very welcome.

15 Oct. (week 1) Introductory party

22 Oct. (week 2) Nick Leah (City University)
Parliament and Empire: Colonial Debt and the Politics of Slavery, 1727-32

29 Oct. (week 3) Amanda Goodrich (Open University) and Joe Cozens (UCL)
‘The Force of the State’
AG: Hunted like a Jacobin Fox: The Force of Pitt’s “Terror” in Sheffield, 1793-95
JC: The Dragoon State: Soldiers and Riot Control in Britain, c. 1789-1819

5 Nov. (week 4) Hannah Smith (St. Hilda’s)
Court Culture and the Godly Revolution: Henry Purcell’s and Sir Charles Sedley’s 1692 Birthday Ode for Mary II

12 Nov. (week 5) Aaron Graham (Oxford)
Imperial Careering in the Eighteenth-century British Atlantic

19 Nov. (week 6) Hannah Barker (Manchester)
Taking Money from Strangers: Traders’ Responses to Banknotes and the Risks of Forgery in Late Georgian London

26 Nov. (week 7) Moritz von Brescius (University of Bern)
Empires of Opportunity: German Naturalists in British India and the Frictions of Transnational Science

3 Dec. (week 8) Fabio Morabito (Lincoln)
Deforming History, or How to Make a Music Star, c.1800

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