Graduate Seminar in History 1680-1850

Trinity Term 2017

The seminar will meet weekly, on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. in the Turl Yard Lecture Room, Lincoln College (ask at the college lodge for directions), except in 1st week, when the session will start at 4.30pm. In weeks 2-8, tea and coffee will be available from 4.45pm. Asterisked speakers are graduates, whose papers may be shorter than usual. All research students working in this period are encouraged to attend; anyone else interested is also very welcome.

Wed. 26th April 4.30pm (with tea and coffee from 4.15pm)
(1st week) Joint-Session with the Global History Seminar

William Pettigrew and the PEIC group (Kent)
Transoceanic Constitutions: The Corporation
as a Protagonist in Global History, c.

Wed. 3rd May **Geraldine Porter (Merton)
(2nd week) ‘All the reserve of his family, and all the dignity
of his ancestors’: Elite Political Families in the
Eighteenth-Century Houses of Parliament

Wed. 10th May **Hamish Roberts (St Antony’s)
(3rd week) Politicised Millennialism in the Late Eighteenth-
Century British Empire

Wed. 17th May Steve Pincus (Yale)
(4th week) Patriot Fever: Imperial Political Economy and
the Causes of the War of Jenkins Ear

Wed. 24th May Eric Schnakenbourg (Nantes)
(5th week) Shipping and Trade in Wartime under Neutral
Flags in Eighteenth-Century Europe

Wed. 31st May Shunsuke Katsuta (Tokyo)
(6th week) The Bottle Riot reconsidered: Dublin politics of
the early 1820s

Wed. 7th June Undergraduate Thesis Session
(7th week) Two current undergraduates will discuss the
experience and findings of their recently-
completed theses.

Wed. 14th June Ryan Hanley (New)
(8th week) Olaudah Equiano: Celebrity Abolitionist

For information about the seminar, and news of forthcoming events, visit our Facebook page: We would be happy to post notices of interest to our group – contact [email protected]

J. Innes (Somerville), S. Skinner (Balliol); O. Cox (TORCH); B. Harris (Worcester); P. Gauci (Lincoln)

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