Researching the Eighteenth Century: Tuesday 29 November 2016

Join us tomorrow for our final session of ‘Researching the Eighteenth Century’:

Tuesday 29 November (Week 8) 1-2pm, TORCH Seminar Room, Radcliffe Humanities. All welcome.

‘Collaborative Research Projects: Challenges and Benefits’ Professor Joanna Innes, Somerville College

I will talk about the various ways in which we have managed collaboration during the (so far) twelve-year lifespan of our project. About the challenges — esp identifying collaborators, and simply the amount of admin involved - and the benefits, some of which we didn’t anticipate.

Joanna Innes is tutor in modern history at Somerville College. She has been co-organising an international collaborative project on the process of ‘Re-imagining Democracy’ in Europe and both Americas, as a possible modern and not just ancient political form, since 2004. She is now working on a collective book arising from three years of Leverhulme funding for a network focussing on ‘Re-imagining Democracy in the Mediterranean, 1750-1860’.

See here for full information about this term’s seminar series. For more information please contact Anna Senkiw ([email protected]).

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