Reading Images Seminar Series

Pick-Pockets and Pocket-Books: Representations of privacy and propriety in eighteenth-century Britain - Hazel Tubman (DPhil History, University of Oxford)

Tuesday 17 November (Week 6), 12:45-13:45, New Douce Room, Ashmolean Museum N.B. Change in time.

Pocket books were carried by both men and women in the eighteenth century, and were prime targets for pick-pockets: manuals instructed would-be thieves where to find them, and contemporary prints depicted women stealing them from unsuspecting gentlemen. This talk will explore the way contemporary representations of pockets, pocket-books and pick-pocketing reveal a gendered dimension to ideas of privacy and propriety.

See here from further information on the workshop programme or contact [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you there.

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