Dacre Centenary Lectures: Ideas and Society, c. 1600-1800

Examination Schools, Fridays 5 p.m.

24 October: Anthony Grafton, ‘Humanism and History in the Late Renaissance: Isaac Casaubon, Polybius, and the Political Uses of the Past’

31 October: Jonathan Israel, ‘Radical Enlightenment and the French Revolution’

7 November: David Womersley, ‘Ideas and Society in the Pays de Vaud: Edward Gibbon and Georges Deyverdun Read the Classics’

14 November Michael Hunter: ‘The Enlightenment Rejection of Magic: New Thoughts on an Old Theme’

21 November: Brian Young, ‘Scepticism and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Britain: The Strange Case of Dr Johnson and Mr Hume’

28 November: Sir Noel Malcolm, ‘Hobbes’s Leviathan and Christian Doctrine’

Rees Davies Room, History Faculty, 12.15 – 1.45 p.m., 24 and 31 October
On the days of their lectures in the autumn Dacre centenary series, Anthony Grafton and Jonathan Israel will be introducing discussions at lunchtime meetings, chaired by Jon Parkin, to which all are welcome. The discussions will end in time for those attending to meet the speakers in the Faculty Common Room. Sandwiches and other refreshments will be available.
For his lunchtime session of the 24th, Anthony Grafton will introduce a discussion of David Armitage’s recent challenges to standard ways of writing intellectual history, especially the issues raised in the articles linked below:
http://scholar.harvard.edu/armitage/publications/whats-big-idea-intellectual-history-and-longue-durée & http://scholar.harvard.edu/armitage/publications/international-turn-intellectual-history
Those interested in Jonathan Israel’s lunchtime session might also like to consult the full text of the History Manifesto recently published online by Professors Armitage and Jo Guldi.
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