George Whitefield at 300

An International Tercentenary Conference at Pembroke College, Oxford - 25‑27 June 2014

2014 marks the tercentenary of the birth of George Whitefield (1714‑70), the eighteenth-century’s best known and most widely travelled evangelical revivalist. For a time in the middle decades of the eighteenth century, Whitefield was the most famous person in the Atlantic world. [...] However, that celebrity and reputation may have distorted later understandings of him. He became an evangelical or denominational hero to some and a villain to others. His writings and manuscript papers were subjected to over-enthusiastic editors who wished to celebrate his achievements, preserve his reputation, or popularize him, rather than to understand him in his eighteenth-century context. The tercentenary of Whitefield’s birth presents an opportunity for a major reassessment of his life and context.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Andrew Atherstone (Wycliffe Hall, Oxford; on Whitefield’s ‘afterlife’)
  • William Gibson (Oxford Brookes University; on Whitefield and the Church of England)
  • David Ceri Jones (Aberystwyth University; on Whitefield and the evangelical revival)
  • Frank Lambert (Purdue University; on Whitefield and the Enlightenment)
  • Mark Noll (University of Notre Dame; on Whitefield’s spirituality)
  • Carla Gardina Pestana (University of California, Los Angeles; on Whitefield and Empire)
  • Boyd S. Schlenther (Emeritus Aberystwyth University; on Whitefield’s personal life)

Further details, the draft programme, and registration is available at

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